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Vaginal bleeding

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Hi. My name is Mark, I am one of the triage nurses today. And we are going to be triaging you, so it will be a quick assessment, see what your problem is, and we will get you to the most appropriate area. You will be seen by a healthcare practitioner as soon as possible. Could you just confirm your name and date of birth, please?

Yeah, it is Brenda King, and it is 15th of June 1975.

Excellent. Thank you. Okay, one thing we do need to do is a set of vital signs. So if we can do your blood pressure while we are talking, is that okay?

Yeah, yeah.

Is there any reason I can not use your left arm for your blood pressure?


Okay. Relax your arm and keep it still. Okay. And I will just do your temperature in your ear. She is just gonna blow up. Thank you. That beeping is nothing to worry about. So what brings you here today? What has been happening?

Well, I have been having this bleeding for about three weeks now. It is just uncontrollable. Even now, I am changing my clothes four times an hour. It is just so, so bad. I am passing huge clots. It is just... I can not bear this anymore. What kind of life is this? I just can not stand it. It is terrible.

Okay. Where are you bleeding from?

Oh, from down below.

Okay, not your back?

No. No.

Okay. All right. So you say you are changing your clothes four times an hour?



It is just... I am doubling up on pads. I am wearing maternity ones and it is just not... It is just... And because of that, I just feel so weak. I just do not have any energy.

All right.

It is just, I just.

And how many days did you say you have been bleeding for?

About three or four days.

Okay. Let me take this off you. Do you have any pain anywhere?

No, not really. I just feel so tired. I could just fall asleep. It is just... And I get so dizzy.

Okay. Your blood pressure is really low and your pulse is really fast.


So we need to get you in a wheelchair and we need to get you back to A&E and we need a doctor to look at you really quickly, okay? All right, okay. I will just get a wheelchair and we will take you straight in, okay?

Okay. Yeah.