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Vaginal bleeding

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Assessment of Severe Bleeding: Triage and Immediate Care


Hi. My name is Mark, and I am one of the triage nurses today. We'll quickly assess your condition and ensure you receive appropriate care promptly.

Patient Details

Name: Brenda King

Date of Birth: 15th June 1975

Vital Signs Check

Let's start with your vital signs. I'll check your blood pressure while we talk. Is that alright?

Blood Pressure Arm: Left arm

Temperature: Ear thermometer

Chief Complaint

Chief Complaint: Persistent and uncontrollable bleeding for three weeks

Additional Symptoms:

  • Passing large clots
  • Changing clothes frequently (four times an hour)
  • Feeling weak and dizzy

Assessment Findings

The bleeding is from the genital area, not the back.

No significant pain reported, but extreme fatigue and dizziness noted.

Medical Assessment: Low blood pressure and rapid pulse indicate urgent medical attention is required.

Next Steps

We need to get you to A&E immediately to see a doctor for further evaluation and treatment.

Transport: You'll be taken in a wheelchair to A&E.


Thank you for your cooperation, Brenda. We'll ensure you receive prompt care and attention in A&E.