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Dental problem

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Hi, my name is Mark, I am triage nurse tonight. Could you just confirm your date of birth, and your name as well, please?

Yeah. It is Dave Smith and it's 16.05.64.

Excellent. Thank you. So this is triage, it is a quick assessment. We can sort out which way you are going to go and who you are going to see.

Yeah, yeah.

Can we just take your blood pressure while we are talking?

Of course, you can. Absolutely, yeah, no problem.

Is it okay to use this arm?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Okay, relax your arm, keep it still. That will just blow up now. Pop this into a finger and we will do your temperature.


I can see the right side of your face is swollen, so we will use your left ear.

Yeah, that is where the problem is.

Oh, okay. Great, thank you. So the swelling on the side, that is why you are here.

Yeah, yeah. I broke a tooth, oh, I do not know, three months ago, something like that, and I have been too busy at work. I have not been to see anybody about it, I have not been to my dentist, I have not been to my dentist for years. I don't like them. But now I have got this big swelling on the right side of my face and oh, my jaw is so painful. I cannot eat at the minute, it's is really painful, really painful.

Okay, all right. Have you got any swelling inside that you can feel, inside your mouth?

It is the tooth that I broke, I think, around the bottom of the tooth, it is so tender, I cannot touch it with my tongue, it feels swollen inside as well as the side of my face, it is just painful.

All right. Are you swallowing okay?

Yeah, it is not affecting my swallowing, but I cannot eat. At the moment, if it is not liquid and I can drink it, I cannot chew at all.

All right. And you are breathing okay?

Yeah, yeah, breathing feels fine.

Excellent, okay. So let us rid you of all this. Have a very quick look inside your mouth to check that your airway is nice and clear and then we will send you down to see the GP, okay? All right. Oh, yeah, okay, great. Well, your airway is nice and clear, there is no real swell... There is no swelling in the back of your throat there, we will send you down to see the GP and they can give you a full examination and take it from there.

Lovely, thank you.