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Circumference burn

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Hi, I am the triage nurse today. My name is Mark. We just need to check your name and date of birth, if that is okay.

Yeah. It is... It is... I have got the same name as you, it is Mark Davis. My date of birth is the 16/07/63.

Excellent, thank you. So this is triage, it is a quick assessment, and we will sort out where you need to be and who you need to be seeing. Okay. Can we just do your blood pressure?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

So why have you come here today?

Well, I was messing around trying to light a Primus stove, and it is a petrol-driven Primus stove, and it sprayed up and it has gone around my arm, it has burnt all the way around my arm. But it does not look that bad, but it is bloody sore.


But it has gone all the way around my wrist and I thought I had better just come and have somebody have a look at it just in case it has done anything that I was not sure of.

Has it gone all the way around?

It has gone all the way around my wrist. Look, all the way around both sides...

Oh yeah.

And it is really, really sore.

Alright, let us do your blood pressure on your unaffected arm. Okay, relax that arm. Pop your finger into here. Okay, and we will just quickly do your temperature, in your ear. Great, thank you. Okay, so you are oxygenating okay, here. But I just need to do a few more checks. Have you got any past medical history?

No, no, no. No, I am normally fit and well, I have got no major issues at all. But I was just being stupid. I was messing around trying to prime it. You have to pump it up and then light the petrol, and I must have got it on me and it has gone all around my wrist. I put it out pretty quick, but it is bloody sore. Really sore.

Alright, so you do not take any medication? Do you have any drug allergies at all?

Not that I know of, no.

Alright. Just hold your arm and your hand like that. That is great. Okay, turn your hand over. Alright. And turn your hand back. Can you feel me touching both sides of your fingers?

Yeah, it does feel a little bit funny, but I can feel it. I can feel it.

Okay, just going to check your pulse.

Seems a bit of a funny colour as well if you look at the two together. One, it seems a bit...

Yeah, this one is paler, isn't it? And it is a little bit cool as well. Okay, so because the burn has gone all the way around your wrist there, the problem might be, it might squeeze your arm, right there and affect the blood supply and the nerve supply to your hand.

I have got a funny feeling. It feels like pins and needles and stuff.

Okay, well, let us get you straight back then, get a doctor to see you, and get that treated. Have you had any pain relief?

No, no, I have not had anything at all, I did not know what to have, to be honest with you. I do not normally bother with pain relief, but this is sore.

Alright. We will give you two paracetamol as well, and then get you around there.



Yeah. Lovely, thank you.