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Head injury

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Hi, my name is Mark, I am the triage nurse today. Triage, a quick process just to work out what has happened to you and where we can send you. Okay?


Could you just tell me your name and date of birth, please?

Yeah, it is Charles Dunnigan and it is the 16/05/64.

Excellent. Okay, so what we need to do is your blood pressure, we can do that while we are talking.

Yeah. Okay.


Any arm?

Well, if you have got an injury or any reason we cannot use the arm...

No, no, no, I am fine. Fine.

Yeah. You are all good.

No, all good.

Okay. We will do it on this arm. There we go. Just relax your arm, keep it still. Finger of your other hand, that is it. And we will do your temperature in your ear. Alright, that is great, thank you. So I am just going to put those down in your record here. So what happened to you? What has been going on?

Well, I was watching the local football match in the pub on the telly and some muppet came and punched me. He just hit me for no reason and I have got such a stinking headache now and I was seeing stars. I do not know what happened really, I just do not feel very good.

Okay. Did you get knocked out?

I can not remember. Somebody... All I remember was coming around and seeing stars and things and it has just knocked me dizzy. I just feel absolutely sick as a pig.

Alright. So you remember getting hit?

Yeah, yeah. He just run up and hit me.

Right, and what is the next thing you remember after that?

Coming around in the pub, somebody trying to stand me up and somebody threw some water on me.

Okay, alright. So where is the pain?

Actually, I have got neck stiff, I have got a headache. I just do not feel very good. I feel sick as a pig as well.

Alright. Let me just write down your vital signs there. Okay, let us take this equipment off you. Have you been sick?

No, I just feel sick. I do not want to waste my pint.

Alright, how much have we had to drink tonight?

Three or four, I can not remember to be honest with you. I do not really remember what happened.

Alright, just beer, no shorts or anything?

No, no, no. Just a few beers while I was watching the game.

Alright. Have you had any visual disturbance, since you had the head injury?

I was seeing two of everything for a while. It seems to be a bit better now, but I was seeing two of things. I was seeing spots... All sorts of funny lights as well when I came round, but I seem to be feeling a bit better now.

Alright. And you were hit here, is that right? Or was it...

Yeah, a punch to the side of the face. The whole side of my face, my jaw aches. It hurts to talk to be honest with you.

Have you got any problems in with... Have you got any broken teeth or bleeding in your month?

No, I was spitting out a bit of blood afterwards, but I think it is all okay. Yeah, it has stopped now, I am not spitting any blood out anymore. But it is my jaw, my jaw is tight and my head, as I say, I have still got a storming headache.


Bright lights and everything like that, I can not look at bright lights at the minute, it is too painful.

Okay, let me just shine this light into your eyes, just a quick check. I am just going to shade your eyes out, open your eyes wide, I will just shine the torch in. Okay, excellent. Now, I just want to... I am just going to hold your head still, I am just going to press along your neck there, just to see if you have got any pain in your bones.


Any pain?

No, no, no.


Nothing at all.

Excellent. You feel like you have got full movement of your head.

Yeah, I have, it is just a bit tight when I move it. It just feels like the muscles in my neck are tight, just feels like I have stretched my neck basically.

Alright. I need to just quickly look inside your mouth. Say, "Aahh."

Excellent. So the other thing we need to do is your blood sugar.


Do you have any other medical problems?

No, no, no, I am normally fit and well. No, no I do not have any problems at all.

Do not take any medications?

No, I am not on any medication for anything.

Have you got any drug allergies?

No, no, no. Got off those years ago.

Excellent. Okay, so we will do your blood sugar. If that checks out okay, we will be sending you to see an A&E doctor because there is a... We do not know if you have lost consciousness from that injury and they will order investigations and get you sorted out. Is that okay?

Okay. Yeah, that is fine, absolutely fine.

Excellent. So do you want a wheelchair or you feel okay walking?

No, I will be alright. I think I can manage.

Alright. So out of the door, around the corner, have a seat where the TVs are and then somebody will call you from there and we will get you all sorted out.

Brilliant! Cheers mate! Thank you.