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Ectopic pregnancy

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Hi. My name is Mark. I am one of the nurse practitioners here. We are going to triage you this morning.


And first, I just need to confirm your name and date of birth, please.

Okay. It is Brenda King and it is the 14th of June, 1981.

Excellent. Thank you. So what we need to do is your vital signs, your blood pressure, so if we can do that while we are talking, is that okay?

Yeah. That is fine.

Excellent. And you are happy with me assessing you?


So triage is a quick assessment...

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh...

Are you okay?

Yeah, I just got a bit of pain.

Okay. Pop your finger into here. So what brings you here today?

I have been having pain just on the right side. It comes and goes. Oh. It is awful. It is awful. And I have got a bit of shoulder pain as well.

On the right side?

Yeah. Yeah.

Okay. And how long have you had this pain for?

It has come on in the last two days. Oh. I am pregnant as well. We are expecting our first child. I am about five weeks, I think.

Okay, five weeks pregnant?


And this pain came on two days ago?


Okay. Have you had any bleeding?

Oh, no. No.

Okay. And what is the... Can you describe the pain at all?

Oh. It is like a sharp stabbing pain. Oh. And every time I move, it is just like, "Oh... " It is just painful.

Okay. So when it is... When the pain, when the stabbing starts, what would you give that pain out of 10?

Oh. Easy, 20, 20.

Okay. Just need to write down your blood pressure. And you say this is your first pregnancy?


Okay. You have never been pregnant before?


Alright. Let me just take all this equipment off you. Is everything okay with your bowels?


Okay. Any other pain... Any other part of your body?

No. Just like I said, this side and then I have got a really dull ache in my shoulders. But apart from that, nothing.

Okay. And no bleeding?


Okay. I am just going to jot down a few notes and then we will get you moving.


We need to get you into A&E quite quickly...


Because when you have abdominal pain when you are pregnant and especially just on one side, it can be fairly serious. So we need to get you through as soon as we can but that is the point of doing triage, to get you to the most appropriate place. Okay.


Do you have any past medical history?


Are you taking any medication at the moment?

Just folic acid.

Folic acid. Okay.


And do you have any allergies to any drugs?


Okay. Do you take any other medications like herbal remedies or alternative therapies at all?



I do not. Oh, actually, I take cod liver oil.


But no, nothing else.

Alright. Okay. So we need to get you back into A&E if that is okay?


Get you to see a doctor. They will assess you and we will get you the most appropriate care for you.

Okay. Thank you.

Okay. Just before we go, can I just feel your pulse, please?


Great. Okay. Do you need a wheelchair?

No. I think I will be alright.

Okay. If you leave the room, follow the counter around to the left, take a seat. We will get you sorted out really quickly. Okay?

Okay. Thank you!