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Debrief - Ectopic pregnancy

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Ectopic pregnancy can be fatal. The abdomen has many organs and it's good to rule out what it may be, what it may not be as well. But with an ectopic pregnancy, there is usually one-sided lower abdominal pain, iliac fossa pain. Often, the pain is referred to that side, the shoulder of that side of the affected abdomen, patient pregnant, and pregnancy needs to be confirmed as well. But if the diagnosis is likely to be an ectopic pregnancy, then the patient needs to be moved to A&E, moved to get appropriate help as soon as possible.

So other conditions that can be ruled out or ruled in, appendicitis if it is right-sided or any peritonitis on either side. These are all conditions that also have to be ruled out. But a patient who is pregnant with unilateral iliac fossa pain radiating to their shoulder, an ectopic pregnancy has to be ruled out.