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Preparing for clinical observations

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So Mark, before we start doing some clinical observations on myself, what precautions are we going to take?

So, precautions, really, if you are not a patient who is at risk of infection or infecting other people, then we are okay to use a pair of gloves. Wash your hands before we put gloves on, make sure we dry them properly as well. If you are a patient that requires special precautions then we would be using PPE equipment, which is gloves, a gown, a plastic apron, a face mask, and a face shield as well, but we will be going through that later, how to put that on.

Okay, so once you have done the clinical obs, what about the actual equipment that you are going to use. How often is that cleaned?

That is always cleaned between every patient.

Okay, and what about when you put that information into your laptop or your computer, or even a phone call. How does that change, what happens then?

Okay, so when you have finished touching your patient, or using equipment that comes into contact with patient, before doing anything else you need to take your gloves off, clean your hands again. You can use the alcohol gel, or you can wash your hands, but you must take your gloves off, throw them in the yellow bin and enter any data you need to then enter on the computer or make a phone call. But again, once you come back to the patient again and you are going to do another intervention, you must clean your hands again, put another pair of gloves on.

Something that I have seen a lot of people using a lot of is, for instance, in your top pocket, you have got a penlight torch and a pen for documenting stuff. Do we need to keep those clean?

We do need to keep those clean. And again, any equipment like this, it is pretty much like the computer. Gloves off.


Making sure they are clean, obviously, before you use them. Gloves off and then you can use the equipment. With the pen torch you would be using that with a patient, so as long as it is clean you can touch it with the same pair of gloves, as long as the gloves are not dirty.

Okay, that is great.