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Mental health - Depression

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Hi. My name's Mark. I'm one of the triage nurses today. So this is triage, where we do a quick assessment. We get you to go to the most appropriate place to the right... Most appropriate person. Could you just confirm your name and date of birth, please?

Yeah. It's Brenda King. 14th of June, 1984.

Okay, thank you. Could we just do your blood pressure just while we are talking? Is that okay?


Okay to use this arm?


Okay, relax your arm and we will just take your temperature in your ear.


Excellent. What brings you here? What's been happening?

I just feel really low. I just feel like I can't cope and I just feel guilty because I'm grateful that I've got a beautiful baby boy but I just feel like I can't cope and the sleepless nights and sometimes I just look at him and I just feel like I just... I just don't want him anymore but I love him but I just... I don't know.

Okay. When was your baby born?

He's about four weeks now.

Okay. Do you have any other children?

No, this is my first.

Alright. Okay, and you felt... Started feeling quite low soon after?


It's always a difficult question but have you felt suicidal at all? Have you felt like taking your life at all?

No, not really. No. It's just... I just feel like I'm just not in the right place because I just feel like I'm not doing a good job.

Okay and I'll take these off you now. Are you living alone with your baby or is there somebody with you?


You have your husband or your partner?

He's not around. He goes to work every day, 12 hours. He works abroad at the moment.

Okay. Are you having any family support?

Well, my mom's got quite a few medical problems so she can't really help out as much.

Okay. So you're pretty much on your own?


Alright. Okay. You said earlier that you had no plans to kill yourself, is that correct?

Yeah. I don't, no.

Okay but you're here to ask for help, right?

I do. I can't continue like this. It's not fair on Ben, little baby Ben. It's not fair.

Okay. Have you taken any tablets or any drugs or any alcohol?


Alright, okay and are you feeling suicidal at the moment?


Good, okay. Alright. Okay, so what we need to do, we need to get you to see a doctor and get you the help that you need. Okay? So I will put you on the path to see the A&E doctor and they will assess you, they will examine you and we will move on from there, okay?


Alright. If you go out of here, turn left, follow the counter around and just have a seat over where the TV displays are. Okay?

Okay, thank you.