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Urine retention

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Okay, hi, good afternoon. I am Lutena, one of the triage nurses. Going to be a quick assessment, signpost you where you need to go. Just before we start, can you confirm your date of birth and your name, please?

Brendon King, June 15th, 1960.

Okay, Brendon, you look a little bit uncomfortable. What has been going on? What has brought you into me?

I cannot piss.

Oh, dear. How long have you had that for, Brendon?

The last time I had a piss was in the night, about two o'clock in the night, and I just did... Just a thimble-full, that is all.

Okay. Have you had this before, Brendon?

Yes, I have.

Okay. Any past medical history of anything?

I have got a prostate problem, so I take Tamsulosin.


Yeah. That is it, I take that. Yeah.

Brilliant. Okay, fine, so you said you had this before. Can I just do your blood pressure while we talk, is that okay?


So you said you had this before, and what happened the last time you had this?

Put a bloody catheter in.

Okay. And that helped, did it?


Okay, pain score, out of 10, Brendon, at the moment?

Eight, easily, eight. I have taken some co-codamol because I have some for me back but this hurts a lot.

Okay, alright. Your blood pressure is a little bit elevated and your heart rate as well, but that explains because obviously you are in a lot of pain. Have you got any discomfort in the afternoon?

Oh, yeah. I am full.

Yeah, quite distended as well?

Yeah, I am full.

Okay, fine. Do you fill the urge to go to have a wee at the moment?

Yeah. I would go, maybe a drop will come out, but no more.

Okay. Alright, Brendon, so what we are going to do, we are going to bring you through to A&E, just going to have a little scan of your tummy, see if you are retaining any fluid, and then they will take it from there. Okay? We will make you as comfortable as possible, alright?


So if you just follow me, we are just going down the corridor and left and we will get your bladder scanned.

Alright, thank you.

Okay, no problem.