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Debrief - Headache

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It is important to rule out the red flags in terms of headaches, so it's good to test that a patient is not photophobic, there is no aversion to bright light. It is good to test that they can put their chin on their chest, so there is no neck stiffness. Although it is a late sign, you can look for a rash. There are other things that headache can be, temporal arteritis, it could be a stress headache, the patient also could be suffering from a stroke. So some of the tests, shining a light into their eyes, checking for the dilation of pupils, whether they are equal and reactive. Also the fast test, testing for, looking for the face for facial drooping and for the unilateral weakness of upper and lower limbs. Also looking for any visual disturbance and any disability, any neurological disability that might point in another way. But with a headache, it is very important to rule out red flags. And finally, with head injuries, it is important to rule out trauma. Older people may have forgotten they have had a fall and banged their head five or six days ago, but it all should be ruled into the assessment of headaches.