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Debrief - Abdominal pain

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Assessing a patient for triage, a patient who has abdominal pain can be difficult. Many organs in the abdominal cavity. You may have noticed that I asked the patient to point with one finger to where their pain was in their abdomen. This is because quite often, a patient can use the spread of their palm, their whole hand, to indicate where the pain hurts on their abdomen and that is too vague, really. So I tend to ask patients with one finger point to where their pain is. Also, this patient was female, patients do feel cardiac pain differently to males, so it is always a good idea, unless a patient is definitely, like with this patient, got a history of gallstones and the pain was typical gallstone pain. This was possibly going to be a biliary colic patient. However, it would have been good to get an ECG for this patient. The other thing is that biliary colic is just not necessarily about gallstones. It is also about where the gallstones are and are they creating any kind of infection.