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Falls vs collapse

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Triage Assessment for Arm Injury: Patient Care and Management

Introduction to Triage Assessment

Introduction: Hello, I'm Lutana, one of the triage nurses. Let's quickly assess your condition and direct you to the appropriate care.

Patient Information

Patient Details: Can you please confirm your date of birth and name?

Brandon King. 14th of May, 1959.

Assessment of the Injury

Chief Complaint: Brandon reported passing out and injuring his hand.

Details of the Incident: He tripped over a strip between the carpet and lino while moving from the living room to the kitchen.

Medical History and Current Medication

Medical History: Brandon takes blood pressure medication and uses medication for dizziness (possibly vertigo).

Additional Information: No history of blood thinners or significant medical conditions.

Clinical Examination and Management

Physical Examination: Checked for arm mobility, sensation in fingers, and assessed pain level (rated 2 out of 10).

Management: Applied a sling for support and removed a ring to prevent swelling.

Conclusion and Next Steps

Next Steps: Brandon will be referred to the minor injuries unit for further evaluation and treatment.

Final Instructions: Exit through the double doors, turn left, then right to reach the minor injuries unit.

Thank you for your cooperation, Brandon. We'll ensure you receive the appropriate care promptly.