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Falls vs collapse

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Hi, I'm Lutana, and I'm one of the triage nurses. It's gonna be a quick assessment to signpost you where you need to go. Could you just confirm your date of birth and your name, please?

Brandon King. 14th of the 5th, 1959.

Okay. Brilliant Brandon. How can I help today?

I passed out and I have fallen and really hurt this hand here.

Okay. So when you say you passed out, could you just talk me through that a little bit?

Well, I just went over. Just went over, so...

Okay. Did you fall over something?

I was going from the living room into the kitchen.


And I just went over.

You just went over.


Okay. Any chest pain at the time when you fell over?


No? Any dizziness?


No. Okay, so was it... Did you fall over something or did you just go down straight?

Well, the bloody strip between the carpet and the lino.

Oh, okay.

I have been meaning to fix that and my son's been meaning to fix that should I say, but he is useless.

Okay. So you tripped over the line?

I passed out when I fell off over that, yeah.

Okay. So you said you passed out. What do you mean by that?

Well, I tripped over the lino and I can remember putting my arms out but then I must have blacked out.

Okay. So you said you pushed your hands out, so you were trying to prevent yourself from falling and you said...

And that is how I knocked my wrist up, yeah.

Of course, yeah. So in terms of the fall and you said you blacked out, did you lose consciousness at all and then what was that like?

No, it was just so painful...

Okay. So you did not...

That I blacked out with the pain.


But I did not... I was not knocked out. You will not knock me out.

Oh, okay. So no loss of consciousness. Did you hit your head at all?


No. Okay. Any past medical history I should be aware of?

I take blood pressure medication.

Okay, fine. But you don't... You are not on any blood thinners, anything like that? Anything that would thin your blood like Warfarin or anything like that?

No. I don't take... And I also have to have this medication that I put between my gum and my... When I get that, a lot of dizziness going on, and that sorts it out, usually.

Okay. So tell me a little bit more about that medication.

Well, I have to use it if I have one of my dizzy spells and I push it in there and it goes away.

Okay. So has that been diagnosed as... Is that vertigo...

Oh, my doctor knows all about it, yeah.

Okay. Do you know what the diagnosis is? Sorry, I am just going to do your blood pressure, is that alright, while we talk? I will just do it on this arm because obviously that arm is the poorly arm.

I think it's ver...

Vertigo. Is that what the doctor diagnosed you with?

Is that what it... Say it again.


Yeah, that's it.

Yeah? Okay, brilliant. So how do you feel at the moment?

I feel okay. I feel okay, I have just got a lot of pain with me.

With your arm, okay.

I feel okay considering I just passed out. I feel alright.

Okay. But just to clarify, you said that you did not lose consciousness. You literally just went down.

You will not knock me out, no.

Okay. So you just went down and then obviously because of the impact...

I busted that. I know I busted it.

Okay, alright. So in terms of pain, out of 10, how far are we? Zero being no pain, 10 being the worst pain you have ever experienced in your life.

Two, maybe, two.

Two? Okay, that's not too bad. Just want to check this arm as well. Have you got full sensation of all your fingers?


Yeah? Brilliant. What about up here, is that okay?


That's fine. Are you able to move it at all? Okay, that's fine if it's painful. Okay. So I'm just going to put a sling just to give you a bit of support and your pain score is quite low, so I am guessing you are quite comfortable at the moment when it is quite still, right? And then we will remove this ring off as well because you might get a bit swelling and we do not want that to get stuck, do we?

That's never been off that.

I know, I know. Just so that it does not get swelled in and we cannot take it off later.


Okay? And then we will send you around to the minor injuries unit, and then they will take it from there. Is that all right?

That's great. Thank you.

Okay. So out through the double doors, left and then a right.

Okay, thank you.

Thanks. Bye.