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Hi. My name is Mark. I am one of the triage nurses today.


You are in a lot of pain there, where is your pain?

I have got a banging headache. Oh my gosh.

Could you just confirm your name and date of birth for me, please?

Yeah, Brenda King, 14th June 1975.

Excellent. Thank you. So tell me about your pain? Where is your pain in your head?

It is all over... It is just all over. It is so, so, so painful. The light is just too bright.

Okay and how long have you had this headache?

About two days.

Okay, and when you open your eyes, the light hurts your eyes?

It is just painful. It is painful.

Okay, and the pain is it the back of your head?


Okay, I need to do your blood pressure, just while we are talking. Is there any reason I can not use this arm?


Okay. And I just need your other hand to put this little fella on. Thank you. And we will do your temperature as well. Okay, that is going to blow up. Just do your temperature in your ear. Do you have any other symptoms?

I have been vomiting. I just feel so unwell, I just feel so sick.

All right, could you just open your eyes for me, please?

It is so painful...

All right. Now, you have not bumped your head at all, have you?


Have you taken any drugs or had any alcohol?


Has anything like this happened to you before?


Have you had a recent illness?


All right, let me take these off you now. Just going to write your blood pressure down. Okay, could you put your chin on your chest for me please and tell me if it is painful.

Oh yeah.

It is really painful.

That is really... Ooh.

Okay. All right...

And my neck is just... It is pretty stiff.

Well you have got a high temperature so we need to get you straight back into A&E and we need you to see a doctor and we will probably put you in a room on your own as well so it will be more comfortable for you without the lights on and we can isolate you from other patients if you have got an infective process going on. I will just get a wheelchair and we will take you straight round.

Thank you.