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Mental health - Potential suicide

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Hi. My name is Mark. I am the triage nurse today. Could I just confirm your name and date of birth, please?

I'm Brenda King.

And what is your date of birth, Brenda?

14th of June, '75.

Alright, okay. So what we need to do Brenda is just a quick assessment. It is called triage and we need to get you to the right place to get you some help. So what brings you here today? Why have you come to A&E? Are you having problems? Okay. Why today? What is different about today?

I just do not want to be here anymore.

Okay. So when you say you do not want to be here anymore, what do you mean?

What do you think I mean?

Well, you could mean that you do not want to be in the hospital, you want to be somewhere else; or could mean that you do not want to be here, you want to kill yourself.


Is that how you feel?


Okay. And when did this start?

About a month ago.

About a month ago?


Okay. Has this happened to you before?


It has not happened to you before?


Okay. Difficult questions these are but have you taken any drugs at all? Have you had...

You do not care anyway. So it does not matter. I have had 50 paracetamol.

Okay. When did you take those?

About an hour ago.

Alright. Any alcohol?


Okay, a lot of alcohol?

Well, I do not know what you call a lot. I had one litre of lager.

Okay. And when you took the paracetamol, what were you trying... Was that again about... What were your thoughts then?

I told you, I do not want to be here.


So yeah.


I want to kill myself.

Okay. What I need to do is just do your blood pressure quickly and we need to get you around to see the A&E doctor. Okay.

Make it quick.

Alright. Let us quickly do your blood pressure. Is there any reason we cannot use this arm here?


Okay. There we go. Just going to do your temperature in your ear. Okay, that is great, thanks. So can I just confirm that you have not had this happen to you before? So what has changed then?


Okay. Do you have any other medical problems? Do you take any medication at all? And do you have any allergies? Okay, that is great. Thanks, Brenda. Let us get you around because we might be able to give you treatment because it has only been an hour. We might be able to give you treatment immediately that will help, okay? Okay. So if you want to come with me, we will make our way around and we will get you into A&E and see a doctor straight away. Is that okay?


It is good that you have come here. Okay, let us go.