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Abdominal pain

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Hi, my name is Mark. I am one of the triage nurses here today. Before we do anything, could you just confirm your name and date of birth, please?

Yeah. It is Brenda King, 17th of June, 1974.

Excellent, thank you. So this is triage. It is a brief assessment so we can get you to the right place at the right time, to see the right healthcare professional. Okay. Do you mind if we just do a blood pressure before we carry on?


Any reason I can not use your left arm?


We will take your temperature in your ear. So what has been happening?

Well, I have been having this pain up here and the pain, it goes through to my back. It is worse when I eat as well. I know that my diet is not particularly the greatest, but I am working on that. But it is just... Yeah, it comes in waves, and it just really hits me, goes straight to my back. I know I have had tests before and it is confirmed that I have got gallstones.


But they have not done anything about that yet.

Okay. Okay. So what kind of pain is it?

So it is like this kind of pain.

Okay, like a spasming, cramping type of pain?

Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

Let me take this equipment off. Okay. And you say it radiates to your back?

What is radiate?

Okay. Radiate is when it goes somewhere else.

Yeah, so it goes through and sometimes I can feel it like here, between my shoulders.

Okay, all right. Do you have any other medical problems?


Okay. Do you take any regular medication?

Well, when they diagnosed me with the gallstones, they just told me to take some... Is it Co-codamol?


But that does not do anything for the pain.


It takes the edge off, but the pain is still there.

Okay. Just Co-codamol. Have you got any allergies at all to any drugs?


Okay. You have been vomiting, did you say?

I have been vomiting, yeah. It is like some green stuff.



Yeah. Okay. All right. So well, but you have not had any blood in your vomit?


All right. And your urine and bowels, any change inhabits?



Not that I can think of.

Excellent, so what we need to do is get you down to the GP. The GP will have a look at you and examine you and then take it from there. They will make a plan for you. Okay?


Do you need any pain relief now?

I am okay at the minute because I had some about an hour ago. So I am all right at the minute.

Okay. Great. Okay, we will get you moving. If you go out of the door along the corridor, third right to the end of that corridor, then left and you will be there.

All right. Thank you so much.

Thank you.