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Debrief - Meningitis

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This patient presented with a headache of an unknown cause. There was no history of trauma. That must always be taken into consideration with headaches. They presented with some neck stiffness and with some photophobia as well. So if a patient presents with a headache, with neck stiffness and photophobia, not wanting to be exposed to any bright lights, this can signpost to meningitis. Meningitis patient is typically isolated, however, also good to have the blood pressure and the pulse. Those will indicate that the body is going into some form of compensation. There will more than likely be a temperature involved as well. There are many forms of meningitis. There's bacterial, viral and fungal. So this patient was immediately taken out of the mass patient area and moved to an isolation room where they could be seen quickly by an A&E doctor and isolated from the rest of the population.