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Lower back pain - Difficult patient

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Hi, good morning. Hi, I'm Lutene, one of the triage nurses. Gonna be a quick assessment, signpost to where you need to go, okay. Can you confirm your name and date of birth, for me, please?

Brendan King, 14th of June, 1960.

Thank you. So, what's brought you in today, Brendan?

Back pain.

Back pain. Okay. So how long have you had this back pain?


Years. So what has changed, then, for you to come today?

Nothing, it just hurts more than it always does.

Okay. Are you on any pain killers for the back pain?


Okay. Have you been taking those pain killers?

Nah, I have been on everything.

Okay. So what are you on currently?

Amitriptyline, co-codamol and naproxen.


They don't do anything.

They don't do anything?

I keep telling them.


My GP's shit.

Alright. Okay, I'm sorry to hear that, Brendan. Any other symptoms with the back pain?

What like?

Have you got any numbness, passing urine okay?

I have always got pain down me right leg. Me GP... If you look at the... If you just look on the computer, it's on me notes.

Yeah. The only thing with that, Brendan we use a different system so I don't have access to your notes, unfortunately. But let's go back to what you said you come in with. So you have got lower back pain and it's going into your leg, you said?


Yeah? And you are on medication and it doesn't help.


Okay, fine. Are you passing urine okay, or are you...

Yeah, it's alright. It's fine.

Not being incontinent?

I'm just in a lot of pain.

Okay, that's fine. And no numbness around your back passage, at all?


No. Okay, you haven't injured yourself, have you, Brendan?


No. Okay, that's fine. Is it okay if I just do your blood pressure? Yeah? Thank you. Have you been having a good day so far?

What do you think?

Well, back pain can be quite debilitating, I apologize. Get you seen as quick as possible. Is that okay?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

So, at the moment, Brendan pain score out of 10?


10? Okay.


So your blood pressure and everything's fine, which is great. So at this moment we are gonna get you to see one of our GP's in the urgent care center. Thank you. Let me just take that. Thank you so much, Brendan. Thank you for cooperating with us. So if you...

Where do I go to now?

So I am just gonna tell you where you need to go.

To wait here all night.

Well, we will try and see you as soon as possible, but we have got quite a lot...

Yeah, you always say that.

We are trying our best, Brendan. So if you head to the urgent care center. So you head back out the department, left...

Yeah, I know where it is. I go there... Every week, I am here. Every week, I am here and you never do out.

We do try our best.


We do try our best.


But hopefully, you will get sorted, okay? The GP will be waiting for you. So out through the corridor, left, and then a right, alright?

Thank you very much.

No problem. All the best.