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Lower back pain - Difficult patient

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Managing Back Pain in Triage

Introduction and Initial Assessment

Hello, good morning. I'm Lutene, one of the triage nurses. We'll do a quick assessment and direct you to the right place.

Confirmation of Details: Can you confirm your name and date of birth, please?

Brendan King, 14th of June, 1960.

Discussion on Symptoms

Presenting Complaint: Brendan, what has brought you in today?

Back pain.

Duration and Changes: How long have you had this back pain?

Years. Brendan mentioned it hurts more today than usual.

Current Medication: Are you taking any painkillers for the back pain?

Yes, Amitriptyline, co-codamol, and naproxen.

Effectiveness: Are these medications helping?

No, they don't do anything.

Further Assessment and Plan

Additional Symptoms: Any numbness or issues with urination?

Brendan experiences pain down his right leg.

Examination: Checking blood pressure and general condition.

Pain Management: Brendan rates his pain at 10 out of 10.

Next Steps

Referral: We will get you seen by a GP in the urgent care centre.

Direction: Head out of the department, left, then right towards the urgent care centre.

Conclusion: Thank you, Brendan, for your cooperation. The GP will be waiting for you there.