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Debrief - Circumference burn

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This patient presented with a burn. However, the burn was a circumferential burn, encircling the lower forearm. So, with patients like this, who have a circumferential burn, they need to be assessed so that the skin and the tissues distil to the circumferential burn are perfusing and there is sensation. So, it needs to be established that there is no neurovascular deficit beyond the injury. Circumferential burns are serious. In particular, if there is a circumferential burn of the chest or abdomen. When patients present with a burn, it is important to assess the burn and make a decision quite quickly. Burns are a massive subject, but there are some guidelines and good to consult a doctor when if you are in any doubt about a burn. Burns can be of different depths of the skin and also the condition of the skin or the age of the patient play into the assessment of a burn.