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Rectal bleeding

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Hi, my name is Mark. I am the triage nurse here today. Could I just check your name and date of birth, please?

Yes. It is Brenda King. 1st of June, 1964.

Excellent, thank you. So this is triage. It is a quick initial assessment just so I can get you to the right place to see the right person.


Okay. So can we just do your blood pressure while we are talking? Is that okay?

Yeah, yeah. That is fine.

Is it okay to use this arm?

Yeah. Oh, goodness me.

Just pop your finger into here.

I feel like I need to go again. This has been having for the last week.

Okay, let me just do your temperature. Okay, that is great, thank you. So you have had some pains? Tell me what has been happening.

Yeah. I have got bellyache all over.

How long have you had that for?

For about a week, but it is just not going away. And I know it is awful, but I have got like, you know, like tar that they use on the road. That is what my poo looks like and it is quite sticky as well. I just have never seen that before.

Okay. And you have had that for one week?


All right, okay. Does it smell bad?

Yeah. Oh, it is awful, actually. Yeah, that is what I noticed because normally, I do not look but that... It was just awful. Yeah, it is just gross. I cannot describe the smell, but it is foul.

Okay. Let me just write down your blood pressure here. Have you had any red blood?

No. Do you think it is bleeding, then?

It can be, yes. That black stuff can be a result of blood, yeah. Let me take this off. But we will not know until you have seen a doctor.

Okay. No. I am not on any medication.

Okay. Do you have any other past medical problems that you are being treated for or have ever been treated for?

No. Just appendicitis when I was 2. That is it.

Okay. And do you have any allergies to any drugs?


All right. Okay. What would you score your pain out of 10 at the moment?

I would say about a 6 or 7.

Okay, all right. Have you taken anything for pain?

Yeah. I took paracetamol but it took the edge off, but it is still there.

All right. Okay. So we really need you to get you into A&E to see an A&E doctor and we need some investigations. Okay?

Do you think I should take some brufen as well?

No, definitely not. Do not take anything else until you have seen the doctor and the doctor will prescribe you some pain relief, get you feeling a lot better, okay?


Are you okay to walk or would you like me...

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

All right. So it is out of the door, along the corridor, turn right at the end. The third door along on the left, take that door and have a seat in there and you will be called very soon, okay? If anything changes, just raise the alarm.


All right.

Thank you.