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Testicular pain

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Hello. Hi, I am Lutena, one of the triage nurses, going to be a quick assessment, signpost you to where you need to go. Alright? Can you confirm your date of birth for me, please?

15th of June, 1970.

And the name?

Brendon King.

Okay, Brendon, brilliant. What brings you here today?

My balls really hurt. Well, one ball really hurts, actually.

Okay, the right or left?

The one on the right.

Okay, and when you say hurt, what do you mean, hurt?

It is just really, really, really... It is like just a horrible throbbing aching pain. All I did was get up off the settee. I just got up off the settee and it just went really a pain.

Really, really... Okay. Pain score out of 10?

It is getting on for nine out of ten now.

Okay, have you had any painkillers?

Yeah, thanks. I have got some co-codamol for a back problem that I have, but it has taken the edge off, but it is really, really... Feel a bit sick with the pain.

Okay, well, we will get you seen as quickly as possible. Can I just do your blood pressure, if that is alright?


Is this arm okay for blood pressure?


Brilliant, so just a few more questions. Is there any difference between the right testicle and the left testicle?

The right one is gone, it has suddenly gone up a bit. And if I... And I can hardly touch it, but if I lift it a little bit the pain.

Very painful.

Well, the pain goes away a little bit if I do that.

Okay, able to pass urine fine?


Okay. No other symptoms there?

No, there is no blood or anything. It just really hurts.

Okay, alright, Brendon, so what we are going to do, we are going to get you seen in A&E, very quickly.


Get one of the clinicians to just give you a full assessment and then take it from there, okay?


Alright, so when you head out of this door, left, all the way around, and then you will see Assessment.


Just take a seat and they will call you through as soon as possible.

Just sit down around there. Yeah.

Yeah, they will come for you as soon as, okay.

Okay, thank you.