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Testicular pain

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Assessment of Testicular Pain in Triage: Urgent Care Guidelines


Hello, I'm Lutena, one of the triage nurses here. We'll do a quick assessment to direct you to the appropriate care. Could you please confirm your date of birth for me?

Date of Birth: 15th June 1970

Name: Brendon King

Chief Complaint

Chief Complaint: Testicular Pain

Brendon, can you tell me more about the pain in your testicle?

Location: Right testicle

Nature of Pain: Throbbing, aching pain, worsened upon standing up

Pain Score: Around nine out of ten

Medical History and Current Symptoms

Have you taken any painkillers for this?

Pain Relief: Co-codamol, which has slightly alleviated the pain but still very uncomfortable

Any changes in urination?

Urination: Normal, no blood observed

Assessment and Plan

Next Steps: We will expedite your assessment in A&E to address the severe testicular pain. A clinician will conduct a thorough examination and determine the necessary treatment.

When you leave this room, head left and follow the corridor to the Assessment area. Please wait there, and they will call you in promptly.

Instructions: Sit in the Assessment area and await further instructions.

Thank you, Brendon.