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Hi, my name is Mark, I am the triage nurse today. Triage is just a brief examination, a brief set of details. We will do your blood pressure and then we can sort out the correct place for you to be for your journey of care today. So can I just do your blood pressure while we are talking?


Before I do that, could you just confirm your name and date of birth for me, please?

Yeah, it's Brenda King and 15th of June, 1975.

Okay, excellent. Let us pop this on your arm. Any reason we cannot use this arm?


So what has been happening, Brenda?

Oh, for the past week, I have just had this headache just right across my forehead here.

Okay. Just for the last week.


Have you had any other symptoms?


Okay. Have you ever had this before?

I have, but not for this long.

Okay. What is the pain like out of 10? What would you score the pain?

I would probably say about a six at the moment.

Okay. Is it constant, or does it come and go?

It is constant. I wake up in the morning and then about mid-day it starts again and then it goes away closer to the end of the day. But it is constant, yeah.

Okay, so you have had it before, but not this bad.


Okay, all right. Have you noticed any neck stiffness?


Okay, could you just put your chin on your chest for me? Does that hurt anywhere?


Okay. And you are okay if you looked at the light in the ceiling now?

Yeah, that is fine.

Yeah? It does not hurt at all?

Not really, no.

Okay. Have you bumped your head at all?


Have you fainted recently?


Okay. Have you noticed anything else, any weakness in your body at all?


Have you had an occasion where you cannot get your words out that you want to say?


Okay and you can swallow okay?


All right, let me just write down your blood pressure, then I just need to do a couple of tests on you, okay.

Yeah. I have just been under a lot of stress recently.

All right, okay. Yeah, there is always something happening, is not there? Okay. I just take your temperature in your ear. Great, thank you. Okay, are you eating and drinking okay?

Yeah, I am.

Okay. You are drinking plenty of fluids?

I am trying to, yeah.

Great, okay. What I need to do now, I just need to shine my torch into your eye, okay? If you can open your eyes wide and just look straight ahead.


Great, thank you. Okay, going to give you a set of instructions. If you can just follow my instructions, okay? Nothing too bad. Could you screw up your face for me? Excellent. Relax and smile. Okay. Relax and lift up your eyebrows, both your eyebrows up and down. Okay, excellent. That is good. And you are swallowing okay, you say. All right. Okay, so I need to test your strength. Is it okay if I touch your arms? Is it okay if I touch your legs too?


Okay. So lift your arm up. Okay. And lift this arm up. Okay. Lift this leg up. Okay. And lift this leg up. Okay. That seems to be okay. Have you been vomiting at all?


Have you noticed a rash on your body at all?


Okay. All right, I am just going to write some notes.

I do not mean to waste your time. I really should have gone to my GP, but you cannot get an appointment these days.

It is difficult and headache is a very broad complaint, so it is best to get checked out. You have definitely done the right thing.

Thank you.

And you said you did not have any neck pain.


No rash?


Okay. Have you had any visual disturbance at all?

What do you mean by that?

Have you had any double vision? Have you had any darkening of your vision or tunnel vision?


Have you had any spots in front of your eyes?


Okay. And no problem reading?


Okay. And this has happened to you in the past, but not as bad. When was the last time it happened to you?

A few months back, but then I was under quite a lot of stress as well. I think it is probably stress-related. I am so sorry, I do not mean to waste your time.

No, we need to check you out. Do you have any past medical problems, past medical history, any other elements or...


Okay. Do you take any medication regularly?


Okay. No alternative therapies?


No herbal remedies?


Do you have any allergies to any drugs?


Do you have any allergies to any other substances?

No. I do suffer with hay fever from time to time, but apart from that, no.

Okay. And are you taking any medication for that hay fever at the moment?

Not at the moment, no.

Okay. We need to get you to the GP. There's a GP on site. The GP will run various tests on you and just see what the problem may be, see if we can get you treated and see where it is most appropriate to send you today.

Okay, thank you so much.

Is that okay?

Yeah, that is lovely.

Okay, thank you. Bye.

Thanks, bye.