Hospital and Telephone Triage

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Hi, my name is Mark, I am one of the triage nurses today, could you just confirm your date of birth, please?

Brenda King. 19th. June. '75.

What has been happening to you, Brenda?

I had a take away about half an hour ago.


And I just struggled to breathe. I do not know what I swallowed.


Itchy all over.

Okay, do you have any allergies?


Okay. Brenda, just open your mouth for me, please. Okay. Have you got any pain where you are?

I just struggle to swallow.

Alright. We will get you moving straight away, Brenda. It looks like you are having an allergic reaction, okay?


Aye, could we get the resus trolley around to triage, please?

Quick. Quick.

Immediately, thank you. Alright, Brenda, let us get you lying down, we will get you on the couch.


They are coming in to move you now, okay?

Okay. Yeah.

Oh, they are here. Great, okay.