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Ear, nose and throat

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Hi, my name is Mark. I am the triage nurse tonight, I just need to confirm your details. Your name and date of birth, please?

Yeah, it is Dave Smith and it is the 16th of the 5th, '64.

Fantastic, thank you. So this is triage, it is a brief assessment which will determine where you need to go next.


Could we just take your blood pressure just while we are talking?

Yeah, of course, you can.

Is that okay?

Yeah, yeah.

Okay on your left arm?

Yeah, that is fine.

And we will do your... Just relax your arm by your side, finger into there. So what brings you here today? What has been happening?

Well, it all started off with an earache and I had got earache in my right ear which I could hear a watery feeling, but I have now got a really sore throat with it as well. So basically I have got an earache and sore throat. I do not know whether the two are linked or not, but my throat's really tight and sore as anything and my ear just feels like it is full of water and it is painful.

All right, so let's do your temperature in your left ear then. Okay, yeah, you have got a little bit of a temperature there, your pulse is a little bit high. So what happens when you swallow? Is it painful?

Oh, terrible... It is really painful. I have tried all sorts of mints and stuff to try and ease it. I have been and picked stuff up from the chemist off the shelf. I cannot think of what they are called, Tyrozets or whatever, but, but nothing is touching it, it is agony. I cannot swallow very well at all.

All right, have you seen your doctor about this?

No, no, I could not get an appointment at the doctor's, they said I could come in a week, so I said I cannot last that long, so I have come up here.

All right. Any previous medical problems?

No, no, I am normally fit and well, I do not normally have any problems, but...

So you do not take any medication?

No, no.

Have you got any allergies at all?

No. None that I know of. No, no, I have not... No, I do not think so.

Excellent, I just need to have a quick look inside your mouth.


And I need to look at your ear as well if that is okay.

Yeah, no, that is fine.

All right, open wide. Say ahh.


Okay, that is great, thank you. I will just have a quick look at your ear.

Oh, it is so painful, that is, so be careful of my ear.

All right. Does that hurt?

The whole area is uncomfortable if I pull my ear or rub it is so tender now.


I started to rub it and now I cannot touch it. It is that bad.

All right, just hold your head straight on so I can see your ears. Okay, that is great. What we need to do, your airway is nice and clear, but it does look like you might have a touch of an infection in the back of your... And I cannot tell what is happening with your ear here, but a doctor needs to examine that, so I think we can send you down to the GP at the Urgent Care Centre. Is that okay?

Yeah, that is fine.


Yeah, as long as I can get something for this pain, it is so bad, my throat is so bad.

When did you last take?

Well, about an hour before I got here, to be honest with you, but it did not touch it.



Okay, the doctor will be able to prescribe you something soluble so you will be able to swallow it as well.


Okay, let's send you down there then. It is out of here, along the corridor, turn right, down the steps and it is on the left there, you cannot miss it.

Lovely, thank you.