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Debrief - Eye injury

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With eye complaints, the history is very important. A patient may have a foreign body sensation, but there may be no foreign body in the eye or on the eye. So the history is important. This patient had been grinding and states that he wasn't wearing goggles and he felt the foreign body land on to his eye and he has had pain and a watering eye. Typical symptoms, really. Good to look in triage if you can see, physically see a foreign body. But these patients... Even though there may not be a foreign body there, the foreign body may have been flushed out by the eyewash that the patient did, but they may still have scratched. So, they need to see the A&E doctors and have an appropriate eye examination. Another reason to carry out an initial assessment of the eye in triage is to check that the pupil is reacting and the eye is moving and working mechanically as it should do.