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Chest pain

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Hi, my name is Mark, I am one of the triage nurses today. Could you just tell me your name and date of birth, please?

Hi, it is Brenda King, 14th of June, 1975.

Excellent. What we are going to do is we are going to triage you. Triage is just a quick assessment to prioritise you and get you to the right place so that you can be seen by the right place... By the right person, right place and the right time. Okay?


What we need to do is your blood pressure, if we can just do that while we are talking. So, you have got some chest pain?

Yeah, just the left side. It is like... It feels like someone has just sat on my chest, it is just this heaviness.

Okay. And how long have you had that for?

It just started this morning.

Okay. Did it start when you woke up, you woke up with it?

No, I did not wake up with it, I was fine until about 10 o'clock and then it just came on all of a sudden, you know. It just feels like... You know, like an elephant just, uh...

Okay, and what were you doing at the time?

Nothing. I was just eating breakfast.

Okay, so you are sitting down and eating?


Okay, so it feels like somebody is sitting on your chest. Does the pain go anywhere?

Yeah, it just goes down my left arm, and sometimes it goes up my jaw as well. Almost like it goes up and down, but it is just... Very discomfort.

Okay. Have you had any other symptoms like sweating, nausea, vomiting?

Yeah, I did not have any vomiting. I got a bit of nausea. But this morning I got very clammy, I was sweating, but I just thought maybe it is because of the pain. But I just felt a bit spaced out a bit. Yeah.

Okay, I just need to feel your pulse here. And you are having the pain at the moment?


Okay, what we need to do really is to get you around into A&E quickly and get a tracing of your heart done. Is that okay?

Yeah. See, my family has got loads of heart problems, I just hope it is not one of those.

Okay. Well, we need to do that heart tracing and take it from there. We will also probably be taking blood as well.


Do you have any allergies to any drugs?


Okay. Are you taking any medication at the moment?


Okay, and do you have any previous medical problems?

No. I know that I have got high cholesterol, but I am working on that.

Alright, I will just make a quick call and we will get somebody around to collect you in a wheelchair, take your around to get the heat tracing done and get you to see a doctor really quickly.


Is that okay?

Yeah, that is great.

Okay. Alright, I will just make a call. Hi, could I have a porter wheelchair please to triage one for an ECG. Thank you. Thank you. Oh, they are here now, if you can go with them, go with the porter, they will take you immediately around, okay?

Okay. Thank you so much.

Alright. Okay.