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Minor arm injury

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Hi, my name is Mark. I am the triage nurse here today.


Can I just quickly ask you your name and date of birth, please?

Yeah, Brenda King, 1st of July, 1978.

Excellent. So this is triage. It is a quick assessment. Can I just do your blood pressure just before we go any further?

Yeah. Aye, aye, steady, steady. That is the bad arm, mate.

Oh, sorry. Is that what you have come in with?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, you did not even ask me.

I am so sorry.

I would have told you.

We will do it on the other arm, okay.


So what happened to you?

Fell down the stairs.

Just a couple of steps? Put your finger in there.

Yeah, just the last two.

Okay. And did you fall onto your shoulder?


Yeah. Your elbow there?


Alright. Just do your temperature in your ear. Okay, that is great, thank you. So what happened? Were you...

Oh, that bummy dog was just there and I just did not see him, missed the two steps, fell over him, landed on the left.

Okay. Before you fell, were you dizzy at all?

No. No. No.

Any recent shortness of breath?


No chest pain?


Okay. So would you say you fell over the dog on the second step there?


And what did you fall onto?

Right on the shoulder, right up here. And I heard a crack and I thought that was not me. That was it.

Alright. So did you fall onto carpet or tiles or...

It is laminated floors so a bit hard.

Alright, okay, okay. Do you have any past medical history?


Are you taking any regular medication?


And do you have any allergies?


Okay. I am not going to move your arm. I am just going to feel for your pulse and test that you can feel me touching your skin. Is that okay?


I will not move it. Okay. Can you feel me touching both sides of every finger and your thumb, yeah?

Just a little bit numb.

Okay. So did you... Does your hand hurt?


Does your hand hurt?

Yeah, and this... Oh, oh, oh...

Here? Hurts all around here?


Does it hurt here too? And up...

Yeah. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Okay. Alright. Alright. Does it hurt up here?

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Okay. So have you taken any pain relief?

Oh, paracetamol.

Alright, okay. When did you take your paracetamol?

About 20 minutes ago.

Okay, excellent. So shall we put your arm in a sling so it will make it more comfortable?


Okay. So we will put your arm in a sling. You have taken some paracetamol. That should be working in the next 45 minutes.


And we will get you around to minor injuries and you will see a doctor, okay?

Oh, yeah.

Okay. I am so sorry about doing that with you... With your arm.

Yeah, but be careful next time you know.

I will, yeah. Okay. Let us put that sling on there and get you on your way.

Okay. Thanks.