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Minor arm injury

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Triage Assessment for Shoulder Injury

Patient Introduction

Hi, I'm Mark, the triage nurse on duty today.

Quick Identification

Confirmation: Can I quickly confirm your name and date of birth, please?

Patient Response: Brenda King, 1st July 1978.

Initial Assessment

Before proceeding further, let's check your blood pressure. Is this arm okay?

Patient Comment: Aye, aye, steady, that's the bad arm, mate.

Adjustment: Let's use the other arm instead.

History and Incident

Explanation: What happened to cause your injury?

Patient Account: Fell down the stairs, missed the last two steps, landed on my left side.

Further Inquiry

Details: Any dizziness or breathing difficulties before the fall?

Patient Response: No, none.

Physical Examination

Let's check your pulse and sensation without moving your arm.

Evaluation: Can you feel me touching your fingers and thumb?

Patient Feedback: Just a little numb, hurts around the hand.

Pain Management

Medication: Have you taken any pain relief?

Patient Response: Paracetamol, about 20 minutes ago.

Treatment Plan

We'll place your arm in a sling for comfort. The pain relief should take effect shortly.

Next Steps: You'll be seen at minor injuries to further assess your condition.

Thank you for your patience. Let's get that sling on and ensure you're on your way.