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Eye injury

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Eye Injury Triage and Assessment


Triage Nurse Introduction: Hello, I'm Mark, the triage nurse on duty tonight. Let's start by confirming your name and date of birth.

Quick Assessment Process

Purpose of Triage: This is a quick assessment to determine the next steps for your care.

Medical Assessment

Blood Pressure Check: Can we take your blood pressure while we discuss your symptoms?

Chief Complaint: The patient reported an eye injury from metal sparks while grinding, experiencing significant pain and irritation.

Details of Injury

Incident Details: About half an hour ago, sparks flew into the patient's right eye while working without goggles, causing severe discomfort and watering.

First Aid Attempt: The patient used an eye wash bottle but still feels as if there is debris causing discomfort.

Medical Examination

Eye Examination: I will examine your eye quickly here, but we'll need to refer you to A&E for a more detailed examination using a slit lamp to check for any scratches or foreign objects.

Eye Inspection: Please open your eyelids so I can inspect the affected eye.

Treatment Plan

Immediate Treatment: I will apply a temporary dressing to your eye to protect it, and we will arrange for you to be seen in A&E promptly.

Pain Relief: You will be given Paracetamol to help manage the pain.


Next Steps: Please proceed to minor injuries where they are expecting you. They will continue your assessment and provide further treatment.