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Eye injury

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Hi, my name is Mark, I am the triage nurse tonight. I just need to confirm your name and date of birth if that is okay.

Yeah, it is Danny Boyd, 16th of the 12th, '64.

Excellent. Okay. So this is triage, this is a quick assessment to sort out where we are going to send you next.


Sort out your plan of care. Can we just do your blood pressure while we are talking? Is that okay?

Yeah, yeah. Not a problem at all. Not a problem at all. I can't help you much, I can't see a lot out of my eye at the minute.

Okay, so what happened to you?

I was grinding some steel and some of the sparks hit me in the eye and, God, the pain. It just feels like somebody has chucked a whole lot of gravel in my eye. It has been watering and... Terrible.

Just do your temperature in your ear. So when was that?

Oh, about half an hour ago, I have come straight up here, to be honest with you, but I have been stuck in the waiting room for a while.

Okay, alright. So half an hour ago you say?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

So you were grinding metal...

Yeah, yeah. I do it all the time, and I always wear goggles. But this time it was only a little bit and I hit the grinder, and it showered my facings box. I am an idiot. It was my fault, but...

Okay. But you were wearing goggles?

No, on this occasion I hadn't put them on. I normally do, but on this time, I didn't put them on and I got a face full.

Okay, okay. So have you washed your eye out or anything?

I got one of those eye wash bottles and tried washing it out with that, but it still feels like there is a handful of gravel in there, it is really sore.

Alright, okay. Let us take this equipment off you. We will have a quick look in your eye from here, but it sounds like we will have to get you to A&E, and the doctor will have a look at your eye in the...


What we call a slit lamp and have a better look, see if you have... Because okay, the foreign... The object might have gone, but it might have scratched something.

Yeah, yeah. It just feels like I have got gravel in my eyes, and it is just streaming. I can not stop it.

Okay, so if you can just open your eyelids with your fingers...

Oh yeah.

With your finger and your thumb. Which eye is it?

It is my right eye.

Okay. So leave your left eye, that is fine. Okay. Look up.


Look down, left, right. Okay, I can not see anything there and I can not see any damage. I can not see any bleeding. So what we will do, I will get a temporary dressing out of this cupboard here. We will pop that on your eye and get you down to A&E straightaway because we prioritise eyes.


Alright. Does that sound okay to you?

Yeah, that sounds great. Anything to ease this pain. It is terrible.

Okay, have you had anything at all?

No, nothing at all.

And you have got no drug allergies?

No, nothing at all.

Excellent. So we will give you two Paracetamol.


Okay. Great, we will give you the Paracetamol and then you carry on on your way through to minor injuries there. Okay.

Super. Okay, thank you.